Full Treatment List

Greene Wellbeing Treatment Menu

The treatment menu has been designed with focus on 3 main areas. Massage is a main focus in all the treatments for its amazing benefits , products have been hand picked for their great results, amazing ingredients and focus on toxic-free beauty and treatment options have been designed and selected to compliment a variety of lifestyles with the aim of making it easier for you to look after yourself on a regular basis.

Massage Menu

Holistic And Swedish Massage  – to release tension, relax the body and calm the mind.
A range of hero products have been carefully selected to use in each massage treatment 90 Minute Massage £60, 75 Minute Massage £50, 60 Minute Massage £40, 45 Minute Massage £35, 30 Minute Massage £25

Your session will begin with a consultation to allow you a moment to relax before your treatment begins and think about yourself. We will talk through the best way for us to use our time, see how  your body is feeling, how you are currently using it on a day to day basis, any stresses you may be under physically and emotionally and design your session around those needs.

Lava Shell Massage – A deeply relaxing massage combining the warmth of natural self heating shells with hands on massage techniques

Lava Shells can be added to all treatments (not suitable in pregnancy) – For 30 minute and 45 minute treatments add £10 to your session and for 60 minute treatments and above add £15 to your session.


Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage – 60 minutes £45

Based on accupressure massage this incredibly relaxing massage works on the face, neck and head yet is a completely holistic treatment effecting the whole body. Often referred to as a ‘natural face lift’ the appearance of the skin is improved through use of specific massage tecniques including lymph drainage.

Papillon Facial and Massage Combination Treatments – Using Neals Yard Remedies Organic Wild Rose Beauty Balm 

Papillon – Deep cleansing facial including a full upper body massage 70 minutes £42.50

Head To Toe Papillon – The full Papillon treatment including Lava Shells and finished with a lower leg and foot massage 90 minutes £55

Greene Wellbeing Signature Facials 

30 minute Deep Cleanse £30, 60 minute Full Facial £45, 75 minute Full Facial £55

Your session will include products according to your skins needs from the Evolve, Myroo and Neals Yard Remedies Organic ranges. The focus of your treatment will be discussed at consultation but all facials have a focus on deep and highly effective massage for relaxation, skin tone, circulation, lymph drainage and tension release.

A selection of footcare products have been chosen for their nourishing natural ingredients and varnishes have been chosen from companies that focus on toxic-free beauty options.

75 minute luxury pedicure including deeply relaxing foot massage £40
90 minutes luxury pedicure including both extended foot and leg massage and head massage £50
45 minute Natural Nails Pedicure £28

Annual Massage Passes

3 x 60 minute sessions ( booked monthly)
Massage 1 £40, Massage 2 £36, Massage 3 £32

6 x 60 minute sessions ( booked within a 12 month period) £207
12 x 60 minutes sessions (booked within a 12 month period) £396

Seasonal Massage Pass

Massage booked every season to start afresh and promote body awareness.

4 x 60 minute massage Seasonal Pass £140
4 x 90 minute massage Seasonal Pass £ 220

Seated Chair Massage

Revitalising and Rejuvenating, your massage is performed on a specially designed chair and fully clothed. A perfect regular massage option to fit into your day and especially beneficial for those that work from a desk all day at a computer or have a creative job or hobby that forces the body into a position of repetition on a daily basis.

Seated Chair Massage 10 minutes £10, 15 minutes £15, 15 minutes plus a Lava Shot £20