Postnatal Information

Welcome to ‘the other side’. If you have found yourself in this area of the website then congratulations on the new arrival in your family or group of friends.

Below is all the massage information you may need for yourself or a loved one.

This is the original reason Greene Wellbeing was born, for ladies when they had their babies. Treatments have developed and grown over the years but the idea of Greene Wellbeing came from a new mum who was achey, tired and desperate for a live in massage therapist, me.

I can’t come and live with you but I have developed options to make massage during this period as easy and accessible as possible.


How long the postnatal period lasts is still up for discussion. Do we class it as a physical state, a mental state? Either way, you are an individual and for my clients, its all about how you feel.This section is for anyone that feels postnatal.Anyone that is still feeling the effects from becoming a parent. The information starts from very early days and beyond.

Quick Look Information if you’re exhausted and don’t want to read loads

It may be that you don’t need any information at all, are far too busy and tired to read and just want to book in as soon as possible and get on my massage couch and relax, below is what you need to know in short –

We will do a very detailed consultation to begin to assess your needs and get the most out of your session. You can zone out and drink some gorgeous herbal teas, talk if you want to but smiling, nodding, grunting is also fine while I design your massage.

Massage is going to make you feel so good. After a tension busting, relaxation boosting, happy hormone pumping massage in Greene Wellbeings beautiful and calm therapy room your mind and body will feel like they’ve been on a mini break.

90 minute massage £ 50, 60 minute massage £40, 45 minute massage £35 and 30 minute massage £25

If you are able and wish to come to your treatment alone then that is great but you are more than welcome to bring your baby. Should you wish to bring another adult then they are also welcome. The aim of the treatment is that you get the most out of your session and in the early days especially, I don’t want anything to get in the way of clients receiving massage. Some mums are ready for some time out and others are more relaxed if their baby is with them, the choice is completely yours.

More Detailed Information

Am I allowed a massage?

Absolutely! more than ever before. Ironically the moment you need it the most the harder it is to book an appointment but there are various options available to make that easier for you.

Our bodies were designed to have babies but that doesn’t mean that what it has just gone through is not huge.

You’ve been growing a baby for 9 months, given birth and now have a new small person to take care of and get to know and that small person is learning to eat, learning to sleep, getting to know its body and generally getting to know this new world and environment its suddenly come face to face with and you are navigating them. Funny to think we tend to class this whole period as one where we slow down when actually your body has never been more busy, physically and mentally.

Now you have a small person to look after, your health and well-being has never been more important.

How a massage can help during this period

There is a good chance your muscles are crying out for a massage. All in one go your body is suddenly in new positions to feed, carry, bath, soothe, change and sleep. Carrying car seats and prams alone has a strain on the body. In the early days you will still be recovering from your birth.You may also have older children who can not yet walk or still need carrying sometimes. Massage gives these muscles some tender loving care. Aches and pains are eased slowly while the whole body gets a moment of quiet and peace. Hormones are effected during massage meaning that your stress hormones such as cortisol are lowered and those happy ones such as oxytocin and dopamine are increased.

Your changing body

When you choose to arrange your first massage will be personal to you.

Massage gently adapts as your body changes. To begin we can massage in a side lying position if needed which pregnancy clients will be familiar with. This allows any sensitivity from feeding or from the abdomen to be taken into consideration.Gradually massage changes as you feel ready to lie on your front. Very gentle products are used initially with no scent as you and your baby are getting to know each other so there is no interference.