Mother and Baby Treatment Menu


Soothing, nurturing, relaxing and tension busting. All treatments have been designed to help the body and mind as your body changes and adapts to look after your growing baby. Treatments include a range of beautiful products chosen specifically for their beneficial ingredients to nourish and sooth during this period.

Pregnancy Massage 90 minutes £60 3 x 90 minute sessions £165

Massage is a wonderful treatment to experience during this

time of change benefiting both you and your baby as your body relaxes and stress free hormones are released. The mind and body are aided in a variety of ways as tensions are released and muscles eased.
Massage needs are decided on the day of your session taking into account the constant changes in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Time Out 60 minutes £45

Calming and tension busting shoulder, chest, face and head massage including massage to the tummy using a nourishing oil and finished with a lower leg and
foot massage.


Pregnancy Time Out Facial 60 minutes £50

A deep cleansing and hydrating facial finished with a beautiful tummy oil and lower leg and foot massage.


Can’t See My Toes 75 minutes £40, 90 minutes £50

Using a range of toxic free varnish and deeply nourishing products this treatment will get feet ready to show off for everyone to see even if you can’t see them yourself for a while. While nails dry enjoy a relaxing hair and scalp massage.




Looking after your body as it adapts from giving birth and supporting the needs that come about from looking after small babies and toddlers. Considerations include your comfort from feeding and giving birth and the scent used, if any during massage to promote bonding.

90 minutes £60, 75 minutes £50, 60 minutes £45, 45 minutes £35, 25 minutes £25

3 x 90 minutes sessions £165

Lava Shell Heated Massage

Lava Shells are a wonderful tool that add warmth into the muscle to aid further relaxation and tension release. Massage is performed as normal and a heated shell incorporated where needed on the body.

Lava Shell Shots can be added to all treatments for an

additional £10.

Seated Chair Massage

Designed to keep on top of tired, sore muscles feeling the strain from feeding, soothing, sleeping, carrying and bathing positions. Sessions are refreshing and rejuvenating and tension busting and are performed fully clothed so you can pop in, take care of your body and then continue with your day. Massage is performed on a specially designed chair to encourage relaxation. Babies are welcome and can watch you from their pram or car seat.

10 minutes £10, 15 minutes £15, 15 minutes with a Lava Shot £20

Postnatal Breather 70 minutes £55

This treatment has been designed as a real postnatal pick me up for the mind and body with some very specific postnatal and early years needs included.
The treatment includes an upper body massage looking after the muscles that are being over worked, deep cleansing facial including a hydration boost and cooling eye gel and deeply relaxing foot massage.