Massage And Beauty Meet Ups And Therapy Room Tasters

Massage and Beauty Meet Ups were originally designed to help new mums during the postnatal period to look after themselves but not have worry about childcare.
These sessions are also now available during pregnancy and all the mini treatments below are suitable in pregnancy.
Massage and Beauty Meets are designed as a mobile option. You host a coffee morning or lunch but have the added bonus of a therapist in the house to look after your massage and beauty needs.
Babies are welcome to come to your treatment or you leave them with your friends or have your session when they are fed and sleeping.

Mini treatments can also be booked in the therapy room for groups of 2. You may want to visit with a friend, sister, mum or family member. Your session will include a refreshment table, beauty samples and magazines.

Treatment Menu

Lower Leg and Foot Massage – 20 minutes £20, 30 minutes £25
Lie back and relax with an eye mask while the weight is taken from your busy feet and they are massaged to release tension and moisturise.
The gorgeous Relax Aromatree Company foot cream is used and cooling leg gel during hotter weather.

Head Massage – 20 minutes £20, 30 minutes £25
An amazing way to relax the whole body, the scalp, neck and hair are massaged with the option of a mango and coconut oil added.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – 20 minutes £20, 30 minutes £25
Soothing, tension busting, relaxing and calming.

Chest, Shoulder, Face and Head Massage – 30 minutes £25
The whole upper body is massaged during your session to release all the tension held around the chest and shoulders, working up into the neck, head and finishing on the face. This massage is a B Club favourite with clients as it helps with such a range of lifestyles from new mums to artists to gardeners to office workers to those that commute by train or car.

Face Massage – 20 minutes £20, 30 minutes £25
The face is double cleansed and then massaged using the beautiful Neals Yard Remedies Organic Facial oil range to boost circulation , release tension and calm the whole body.

Neals Yard Remedies Organic Facial – 30 minutes £25
A highly effective taster facial that includes a deep cleanse, Wild Rose Beauty Balm treatment, massage, moisturise and eye treatment.

Le Papillon Massage/Facial – 30 minutes £25
Designed for those that can’t decide between a massage and facial, the face is double cleansed and treated with a Massage Balm while the arms, chest, shoulders, neck and head are massaged. The treatment is then finished with moisturiser and eye gel.

Mini Pedicure £25
Cuticle work, nail tidy, massage with the gorgeous aroma tree company cream and paint

Natural Nail Tidy £25
Nourishing, detailed and relaxing hand and nail treatment to bring back life into overused, dry and tired hands.
Nails And A Natter

Group pedicures with the girls and babies also welcome in the therapy room. Arrange a catch up or meeting while also leaving with gorgeous toes.
Refreshments are provided.
30 minute pedicures – groups of 1-3 £25 each 30 minute pedicures of groups 3-5 £20