Your Therapist

The idea for Greene Wellbeing  came shortly after I became a mum in 2010.
Quite often I’ve found in life a few things occur and at the time you’ve not a clue why and all of a sudden they all come together.

I grew up in a beauty salon. My mother had a school, studio and salon when my sister and I were growing up and we used to help/cause trouble at the reception most days. We found ourselves in the incredible position of having facials through our teens with amazing skincare advice and going in as models when asked for the students at the school.
It was only natural that I should then train as a therapist and after leaving college I qualified as a beauty therapist and later specialised in massage. Despite by this point having a huge interest in the beauty world this always remained a part time career/hobby and my full time job ended up being in restaurant and hotel catering and in the latter years the manager of a Starbucks and customer service trainer.
During my pregnancy I was already feeling that beauty and massage was my ideal job and then leaving London to move to Chesham and the birth of my son made my mind up for me.
During those early days I felt that every muscle in my body ached and was desperate to have a massage therapist on speed dial to give me a head and neck massage while I fed my baby. In addition to this I was in a new place both physically and emotionally in Chesham as a first time mum. This is when Greene Wellbeing really started to take shape as I wanted to offer a service to mums that was child friendly. A place they could relax and have a treatment but bring their little one if they wanted to.A place where they could come and meet new friends and share.
This all coincided with my own mum driving her car into the garage. Thankfully no one was hurt and the garage was rebuilt as a summerhouse.The summerhouse became Greene Wellbeing  for most of the week and nearly six years later I have moved to my own therapy room still in Chesham.

The treatment menu has evolved over the years with new options added and the focus on natural products with environmental concerns has grown . Many of my clients now have school age children which is reflected in the treatment options.  The aim will always remain the same, to provide excellent customer service, a warm and welcoming environment and flexibility to all clients, constantly striving to give every opportunity for clients to easily take care of themselves which now involves a full online home menu.
For now we are in one location in the buckinghamshire countryside but my days in Starbucks are not forgotten…..a Greene Wellbeing in every town,watch this space…………Natalie