Tips for booking your massage session

Top tips for booking a massage session

I want you to get the most out of your massage both during and after so here are a couple of tips to consider when you make your booking –

When you arrive for your treatment you will get a chance to catch your breath and we will have a catch up or a full consultation to see how I can best help you. You can grab a seat, have a drink, forget about the outside world for a moment and have some time to yourself in the bubble of relaxation that is the therapy room. If you have arrived from a school drop off, straight from work or have rushed from somewhere then you will have time to unwind and then fully relax during your treatment. If you can catch a little half hour before arriving to your treatment to start to chill out, maybe have a warm shower to start to relax then brilliant but that is not always possible so come as you are.
Eating a large meal before a massage is not a great idea but having a light meal or small something is great and then a larger meal a few hours after the treatment works well.
My main recommendations are for what happens after your massage. I would always suggest taking into account the treatment time but then extend that to at the very least a half hour after if you can. If you have arranged childcare for a massage then please give yourself a minute the other end to have a little walk in the park, grab a drink in a coffee shop and read a magazine for a bit. Treat this as part of the session, a moment in between your massage and getting back to the rest of your day. It is not always possible but catching your breath the other side can make all the difference to remaining relaxed and getting the most out of your treatment. If you are going straight back to children and a full on day then maybe consider planning things that you enjoy and find less stressful. Maybe even cook your dinner in advance and make sure you’ve no washing and jobs to do. Plan your day, not just your massage. This is a special day, you’re having a massage! Unfortunately we don’t get to do this as often as we like so I want you to make the most of it. An evening appointment may be an option, bring your pyjamas or onsie to your massage and then float straight into bed on your return home but always take your lifestyle into account. If night time means a lot of getting up and bed hoping then daytime might be best for you.