Bringing babies to massage – The truth

Bring babies to massage. I say this to my clients in a fairly blasé manner when actually when I look back on having my own newborn I’m not sure I would have felt it was that easy.

What I do remember very clearly is being absolutely desperate for a massage, all the time!

Over the years I have had many babies visit the therapy room and more recently I have had a lot a tiny visitors. I know this can be a daunting prospect so below I have shared what actually happens as this is such an incredibly important time to look after yourself.

What does a session look like when I bring my baby?

When babies come to massage sessions a little bit of extra time is always given as there is obviously an element of unpredictability.

Should your little one be in any kind of a routine or you know they generally sleep at a certain time then its an idea to book your session for this time. There is a good chance your baby will sniff out that you have a massage booked so do not be shocked if they suddenly for the first time in weeks don’t go to sleep when they usually do. We can work around this.

A few different things can happen here.

Scenario 1. Your baby sleeps through your whole session and you have a very relaxing session with you both having a snooze. This happens far more often than not and is particularly successful with clients who have had pregnancy massage. We put the same music on we have used in pregnancy sessions and babies are used to hearing us chatting a little.

Scenario 2.

Your little one is unsettled at different intervals during you session and needs some attention.

Massage in this scenario evolves around your babies needs. We can continue to massage while you feed in a side lying position, in a seated position on the couch or in a chair. You are still able to relax while receiving a head or foot massage. Massage does not need to stop. If your little one needs further attention then we can include some baby massage at this point and go over some movements that will help any need for relief or relaxation. Massage is so wonderful that both giver and receiver benefit from ‘happy’ hormones being released so should we move to baby massage then both of you continue to benefit as I show you strokes using a doll.

There is always a way to massage and for you to get the most out of your session. Even during moments where you can’t be massaged the time is filled with other options that will help you and your baby.

My advice is to think of the session as a ‘Mummy and Baby’ session. Time for you to spend together and potentially both receive massage.

In the event that babies are hugely unsettled then we will discuss at the appointment how we move forward but be safe in the knowledge that my number 1 aim is for you to have as much massage as possible, in the most relaxing, easy and stress free way as possible.










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