Home And Welcome

A very warm welcome to Greene Wellbeing,  your personal massage and beauty retreat.

Based in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside in Chesham, my aim has been to create a  perfect location to catch your breath and have a moment of calm from the outside world that can be experienced in my therapy room but also at home.

I have designed and chosen treatments specifically around the needs of women which cater for different stages of life including the pregnancy and postnatal period with an emphasis on massage in each offering. This is delivered both in the therapy room and in a virtual capacity.

Online offerings run alongside face to face treatments to suit all needs.

My aim is to make looking after your body as easy as possible.

Products have been hand picked for their ability to deliver great results, their nourishing ingredients with a focus on toxic free beauty and environmental impact.

I very much look forward to meeting you in the therapy room and online and inviting you to my tranquil little haven for some time out to feel both restored and refreshed.

Greene Wellbeing



Best Wishes,